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Kil/Cool Comeback Not Enough

posted 23 Apr 2012, 15:36 by Patricia Donnellan   [ updated 23 Apr 2012, 15:47 ]
23/04/2012:  Kil/Cool U16 were unfortunate to lose this evening to Naomh Eoin/O'Currys 01 09 to 01 12 after staging a spectacular comeback in the 2nd half.  Having been down at half time with only 2 points from Ben Cleary to O'Currys 01 06, they fought back to bring themselves 1 score away from level but time ran out.  During the 3rd quarter, O'Currys extended their lead to 9 points when in the 20th minute Ben Cleary scored a goal and changed the direction of the game.  Kil/Cool added 4 more points to O'Currys 1 to bring them to just 3 points at the end of normal time but were unable to get the score to level it off.  Scores: Ben Cleary (1-5,2f), Cian Murphy (0-3), Sean Wallace (0-1).