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Go Games


        At all times Midfielders must retreat to middle zone for all dead ball situations ie kickouts,sidelnes,frees


        Play commences with throw in

        The keeper may advance to the 20m line to kick out the ball

        The side to side shoulder charge is not permitted

        The ball maybe caught  in the hands and played away by kicking it or striking it with the hand

        The ball maybe carried four steps before bouncing or toe  tapping it

        Players are restricted to one bounce and one toe tap per possession

        The ball must be lifted from the ground by placing the toe under the ball

        When the ball is fouled (over carried) opposition player nearest the ball takes the free

        When a free is awarded the ball is to be given ,on the full , to the player taking the free

        If this does not happen the ball is advanced 5m

        When the ball goes out of play the player nearest to the ball takes the kick from the hands

        When a defender plays the ball over their own end line , the opposing team is awarded a 30m kick

        Opposing players to be at least 5m from player taking free, sideline or kick out

        Frees to be no closer than 13m from end line


        Scoring system

        A goal is equal to one point

        A  point (normal point) is also equal to 1 point. This is to encourage the skill of point taking



        Skill points to be awarded by referees to encourage players to attempt these skills

        One skill point for clean over head catch

        One skill point for block down

        One skill point for chip or flick up

        Double value for scores with the Lazy (weaker) leg. Ask players to pull up sock on weaker side.

Please use small cones across pitch to clearly mark the zones


Playing a Under 10 Go-Game

There are no A squads

1.      There are no medals, group tables and therefore no winners

2.       All club mentors should enter into the spirit of the Go Games and these are

·        Fun

·        Fair Play

·        Player development

3.       Clubs with multiple teams should divide their players into balanced teams not create  A or B team’s



1       Three zones.  (Backs  = 30 Metres, Midfield = 5 Metres, Forwards = 30 Metres).           Players remain within the zone to which they are assigned - midfielders can enter all zones but must return to the midfield zone for any free, sideline or kick out.

2       Go-Game consists of 2 halves of 12 minutes with a 5-minute break at half time.

3       Players rotate positions (i.e. backs become forwards etc) simply by changing the Goalkeeper.

4       Midfield players must be changed at half time.

5       Every child should play at least 1 half in every Go-Game.

6       Every Team should play at least 2 Go-Games per Blitz.


7       Midfield players can be identified by different coloured bibs to help referee’s identify them.


8       Every team should try to use 2 goalkeepers per game.


9       Slalom poles to be used for goals and space cones along either side of the middle zone,side lines and end lines to identify all the boundaries.